Netronics Certified Solar Power Associate (NCSPA)

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    While the wireless networking knowledge built up in this training can be used to understand and optimize indoor wifi networks as well, the course is NOT limited to what is needed in WiFi technology.
    The training is covering the basic knowledge needed to plan, install, optimize and maintain outdoor wireless networks in Point to Point and Point to Multi-Point topologies in distances up to tens of kilometers.
    The training doesn't have any particular requirements, other than a basic knowledge of networking, based on IP protocol. 
    The training is optimized for network engineers, designers and administrators planning to extend their knowledge to wireless networking and radio communications. 
    The training starts with the basics but even wireless networking installers and network managers with years of experience will find it informative in clearing the true meaning of terms and technologies they have been dealing with for a long time.
    No, the content is general and not frequency dependent. As a result, the knowledge and vision built by attending this training can be used to manage installation in any frequency including licensed microwave.
    But the training also covers techniques used to mitigate noise, which is the main challenge in 5 GHz and other unlicensed frequencies.

    No, the content in this training is not related to a specific vendor and can help in planning, installation, optimization and maintenance of wireless networking equipment of any brand.

    The training is quite practical. There is a certain level of theory covered, helping the trainees understand the physics behind a robust and reliable wireless connection.
    However the training is more focused on providing the practical vision and techniques needed to successfully deal with wireless networking challenges in the city-wide scale and in long distances.
    Yes, by attending both sessions you will acquire a certificate of participation in the “Wireless Networking Associate” training issued by Netronics and verifiable from the Netronics website.
    Applicants who successfully pass the test (taken online), will become Netronics certified Wireless Networking Associates.
    The training is a paid program. The usual registration fee is $600, however it is now being offered at a heavily discounted rate of $99, payable via Paypal for a limited period of time only.
    After registration, you will receive an email with a link for the Paypal payment. Registration is finalized with the payment receipt confirmation email.

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