Established in 2012, netcomSmart.com is owned and operated by Netronics Communications LLC. It has been formed around the idea of presenting networking and wireless connectivity solutions, as well as solar and energy storage solutions through an online interface.

Having its headquarters and logistics hub in Dubai, U.A.E, netcomSmart.com is well positioned to serve the technology thirsty markets of Middle East, South Asia and Africa. Serving the target regions with their complexities in their trade, banking, logistics and custom regulations has been the challenge netcomSmart.com has accepted and provided a solutions for.

We aim to provide customers with a deep knowledge of the equipment, helping experienced tech-enthusiasts and novice e-shoppers alike in their decision making purchase. We hope that users visit netcomSmart.com not just for buying equipment, but for picking up valuable practical data about products.

We hope that our exceptional customer support will give our customers confidence and peace of mind, from the time of placing an order until the product arrives at their doorstep. You are sure to enjoy shopping at netcomSmart.com, as we work passionately to exceed your expectations every time.

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